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Important Points to Consider Before Getting Invisalign

September 4, 2021

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smiling woman holding Invisalign

Before you buy a car, you probably want to test drive it. Instead of just assuming you’ll like something, before you purchase it, you might need a closer look.

While you can’t exactly test drive Invisalign aligners to straighten your teeth since they are custom-made for your mouth, you can hear points brought up by people who have gone through treatment.

Keep reading to find out what to know before getting Invisalign in Blaine.

Expect to Receive Some Attachments

Attachments are enamel-colored ridges that click into Invisalign aligners to help teeth move effectively. When you are using the attachments, it looks like you have clear braces. The number of attachments recommended for each person varies. Don’t worry though – they are just as discreet as your trays.

Recommended Wear Time is 22 Hours Per Day

You should wear your aligners unless you are eating, so it’s important to pack an aligner case and a travel-size toothbrush when you leave home. If eating three times per day still leaves you a bit hungry, perhaps introduce a protein smoothie into each meal.

Don’t Plan on Wearing Lipstick

Colored lip gloss and lipstick can easily stick to aligners and attachments. Fortunately, clear lip balm and gloss are still viable options. Just be sure to clean them regularly to remove any waxy residue.  

You’ll Need Your Real Fingernails

To easily remove your aligners, you’ll probably need the help of your fingernails. If you love getting manicures, opt for a specialty tool like OrthoKey.

Kissing Can Be Awkward

As you adjust to your new aligners, you may experience a bit of a learning curve when it comes to kissing. Be patient with yourself or, if you have already met your 22-hour minimum for the day, feel free to remove them!

Get Used to Brushing Often

It’s best to brush your teeth after eating anything, so be ready with your toothbrush about 3-6 times per day. Also having floss with you on the go is even better. Best practices like these will keep your teeth healthy and your aligners clear!

Cold Water is the Way to Go

When your Invisalign is in, stick to cold water or clear sparkling water. Other beverages will stain and/or lead to plaque buildup.

Whitening is Not an Option

You shouldn’t be doing teeth whitening treatments with Invisalign, especially if you have attachments. Luckily, brushing your teeth often and avoiding stain-causing beverages should keep your enamel looking good.

You’ll Finish Up with Refinement Aligners

After your initial set of aligners are complete, you’ll be given refinement aligners to correct any slightly off teeth.

Despite any extra effort Invisalign may require, it gets results when patients stick to the program for 22 hours of daily wear. Let your dentist know about any questions or concerns you might have, because the perfect smile you’ve always wanted will be worth the short-term changes!

About the Practice

At Imagine Smiles, our top priority is patient care. The health of your mouth can directly affect your overall health, so we take a comprehensive approach to your smile. We only use the safest, most advanced dental materials. Invisalign is one of several cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer. 3D imaging programs will be used to design your comprehensive treatment plan, and you will have custom-made aligners that you change out every 2-3 weeks until your smile is straight and beautiful. To schedule a consultation or to learn more about our other dental services, visit our website or call (763) 269-8650.

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