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Take Care of Your Dentures with These 4 Tips from Experts

October 13, 2023

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An older woman smiling with her dentures

Denture care isn’t as straightforward as you would think.  You can’t treat them like your regular teeth or risk damaging them or having them teem with bacteria. Excellent oral hygiene practices for dentures will help them last for many years.

But what are they? If you want to learn the best ways to care for your dentures according to experts, continue reading.

1. Clean Them Daily

This may seem obvious, but there is a proper way to clean your dentures, and it isn’t with toothpaste. Most brands have gentle abrasives in them that are good for natural teeth, but will slowly wear away at your prosthetics.

Instead, use water or specially formulated denture paste to gently clean your dentures all the way. This includes the teeth and the trays that sit on your gums. Afterward, you can use toothpaste to brush any of your remaining natural teeth, your tongue, and your gums.

2. Stay Hydrated

Water is essential for your health, but it is also a critical component of taking care of your dentures. Saliva is important for the upkeep of your oral health as it actively fights acid and bacteria in your mouth.

It does double duty for dentures, ensuring that they stay moist for suction and comfort. Ample water will aid saliva production and help wash away food particles.

3. Remove Them Before Bed

It’s imperative that you don’t sleep in your dentures. Even if you brush before bed, leaving your dentures in can trap bacteria against your gums as you sleep. Forgetting once or twice a month won’t do any harm, but repeatedly leaving them in can lead to gum disease, causing swelling, discomfort, and bleeding gums.

Remove your dentures and soak them in a glass of cool water or denture cleaning solution. This will keep them moist and bacteria-free throughout the night.

4. Have Broken Dentures Fixed Immediately

When you handle your dentures over the sink, be careful. While they are durable while they’re in your mouth, they can break if dropped against a hard surface. Place a towel over the counter to provide padding.

If your dentures do break, see your dentist as soon as possible to have them repaired. While broken, you shouldn’t use them. Broken dentures may be sharp or warped, causing damage to your lips, cheeks, or gums.

With these expert tips, you should now be well-prepared to take care of your prosthetic. Taking care of your dentures and practicing good oral hygiene will keep them looking and feeling their best for many years to come.

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