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Six Month Smiles Straightens Blaine Smiles

Six Month Smiles for Blaine

How you feel about your smile can impact your daily life. An unsightly smile can cause you to harbor feelings of low self-esteem that can keep you from pursuing your dreams.  It can also hinder your ability to get a job or even be accepted socially.  Many patients desire a more ideal smile but have reservations about wearing braces for many reasons. Treatment can take several years to complete and involves wearing those unattractive brackets and wires.  Most patients want nothing to do with the 'metal mouth' look for two years of their life.  Fortunately, there is now an alternative that addresses these concerns.

Six Month Smiles is a short term orthodontic system designed specifically for adults.  It is geared towards those who want to enhance their smile without having to weaken healthy teeth through the use of crowns and veneers.

The Benefits of Six Month Smiles

The biggest benefit of Six Month Smiles is right in the name. Treatment can routinely be completed in 4-9 months, and sometimes even less time than that.  Patients can also look forward to straightening their smile more discreetly. Six Month Smiles uses tooth-colored materials, making them virtually invisible to others. That means you can have the straighter smile you've always wanted, in less time, without ever sacrificing your mature, professional appearance.

How Treatment with Six Month Smiles Works

Treatment begins with an oral exam by Dr. Green at our Blaine dental office. This exam is important because it will determine if you're a candidate for the Six Month Smiles system. If you are, we’ll take impressions and photos of your teeth and begin planning treatment immediately.

These impressions will then be sent to the Six Months Smiles lab, where a certified professional will make your custom, tooth-colored bracket and wire system. Once completed, they will be shipped to our office via FedEx and treatment will begin.  Dr. Green will then check your progress every 4 weeks to be sure your smile is coming along as planned. After about six months, we'll be able to remove your braces and unveil your brand new smile.

Six Month Smiles FAQs

Six Month Smiles is an innovative treatment that can help you achieve the look you have always wanted. Before you contact us to schedule your consultation, however, it is understandable if you would like to learn more about the road ahead. That’s why we have put together the following list of frequently asked questions, along with their answers. If you don’t see the information you were hoping for, you are more than welcome to give us a call so we can personally assist you.

Does the Treatment Really Take Just Six Months?

This form of clear braces in Blaine takes six months on average. However, treatment time can vary from case to case. For some patients, they might be able to get their braces removed after just four months! For others, the treatment might take as long as nine months. We can provide you with an estimated timeframe for your braces journey when you visit us for a consultation.

Who Is a Candidate for Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is designed specifically for adults (16 and older) who wish to straighten their teeth primarily for aesthetic purposes. The treatment focuses mostly on moving the front teeth. If you have severe dental misalignment, a more traditional orthodontic treatment may be right for you.

How Much Does Six Month Smiles Cost?

The price differs from patient to patient. When you visit us, we will provide you with a cost estimate based on the extent of your dental misalignment. The price is usually less than traditional braces! Also, we have provisions in place to help you afford your treatment. For example, we accept financing through CareCredit and Lending Club.

Is the Treatment Painful?

Some soreness and tenderness are to be expected from any type of orthodontic treatment. After all, you are using pressure to move your teeth! Sipping on cool water, avoiding hard foods, and taking mild painkillers as necessary can ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible. Most people find that their entire experience is easier than they expected.

How Can I Take Care of My Six Month Smiles Braces?

To minimize the risk of damage to your braces, you should avoid hard, sticky, and chewy foods. It’s also important that you keep up with your oral hygiene. If you choose to consume dark liquids, such as coffee or tea, you should do so through a straw. This will ensure less liquid touches your braces and reduce the chance that the braces will become stained.