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Invisalign in Blaine: The Most Common Questions A Dentist Hears

August 5, 2018

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A person holding a clear aligner.Dental advancements have only allowed dentists to help more and more people solve increasingly unique dental problems. One of the most common problems a dentist hears (outside of tooth decay and gum disease) is the issue of gapped or misaligned teeth. Through Invisalign in Blaine, dentists can easily shift teeth in less time than traditional braces without sacrificing appearance. But what else can Invisalign accomplish?

To find out why Invisalign is more than just a cosmetic treatment and many other questions people ask, keep reading!


Experience a Natural Side to Dentistry with a Holistic Dentist in Blaine

July 23, 2018

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woman having dental examYou take your overall well-being seriously. You eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, and choose natural treatments whenever possible. When it comes to your dental care, you should not have to compromise your beliefs. Now, you do not have to with a holistic dentist in Blaine. With a natural approach to your oral health, you will benefit from a different type of dentistry that promote your overall wellness.

Family Dentist in Blaine: 4 Tips To Protect Your Child’s Summer Smile

June 6, 2018

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A child at his dental appointment.When your child has nearly three months of free time to take advantage of, it’s easy to forget the importance of brushing and flossing daily. Furthermore, their diet can really take a turn for the worse, especially if they’re visiting other friends who share unhealthy snacks with them. While you can’t micromanage all of their choices, you can still help maintain their oral health, even during this period of summertime freedom.

Here are four easy ways to get started from your family dentist in Blaine.

What’s the Right Toothpaste? Your Family Dentist in Blaine Explains

May 28, 2018

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toothpaste container red blue white When it comes to maintaining your oral health, brushing your teeth is high on the priority list. That’s because it’s integral in removing harmful bacteria from your mouth that could cause a host of dental health problems. In your quest to guide your family down the path of oral wellness, you’re eager to find the right toothpaste that’ll ensure they’re health, but does one exist? As you read on, your family dentist in Blaine will answer that question to help you prevent any dental problems.


Your Dentist in Blaine Will Give You a Straight Smile in 6 Months

April 22, 2018

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woman smilingHave you always lived with alignment issues that have left you feeling insecure about your appearance? Although you have always wanted a straight smile, you have yet to make an investment in orthodontics. You do not want to deal with a lengthy or noticeable treatment, so you have made the choice to live with your misaligned teeth. What if you could get the results you want in just 6 months? Now you can with your dentist in Blaine. With Six Month Smiles, you will have a beautiful smile to restore your confidence and oral health.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Family Dentist?

March 26, 2018

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woman smilingBeing the head of your household comes with a lot of pressure—like when you have to discipline your child or when you have to choose the professionals that will take charge of your loved one’s health care. Both are tough decision to make.

It’s just as important to pick your perfect family dentist in Blaine! If you’re used to traveling all over town to make sure your family members get the dental care they need, this post is for you. Learn how you and your family can benefit from all visiting one single practice.


Your Children’s Dentist Gives 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Kids’ Oral Health

February 9, 2018

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blonde haired boy brushing teethCan you believe how fast February has rolled around again? It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month and you’re eager to utilize this time to encourage your children to practice better oral hygiene and become more engaged in their dental care. Your children’s dentist applauds your efforts and suggests that you incorporate some fun activities into your family’s routine to really get your little ones excited about their teeth. In addition, he has tips for teaching effective oral habits.


A Dentist Offers Tips for Caring for Your Teeth Between Dental Visits

January 10, 2018

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woman with toothbrushRegularly visiting your dentist in Blaine is one of the major keys to maintaining a clean and healthy mouth, but it isn’t the only thing you need to do for a smile that just won’t quit. Your dentist will be proud of you (and you’ll be proud of yourself) if you are diligent about caring for your teeth and gums during the six months between your routine checkups. Here are some simple tips to keep your grin in great shape.


Tooth Loss – Your Children’s Dentist in Blaine Explains the Process

December 12, 2017

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little girl pointing at missing tooth

The moment your child runs into the room and exclaims that his or her tooth is loose is priceless. It’s like there’s an innate intelligence in all children that let them know that this is an important milestone in their lives. And their right! The excitement of losing a tooth is something that all of us have experienced. You don’t want to miss a thing about this part of their lives, and desire to know more about the process. That’s why your children’s dentist in Blaine wants you to be aware of what age to expect your child to start losing his or her teeth, what to do if the process begins earlier than normal and the right time to commence with preventive dentistry.


Dentist in Blaine Highlights The Top Dental Discoveries From 2016

October 20, 2017

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A scientist performing tests in a research lab.It’s common for dentists, as well as most medically professionals, to stay up to date on new technology, research data, and medical procedures designed to help patients more every day. When new research is reported, it can truly shake the industry from the top down. With that being said, what were some of the most notable discoveries made in 2016?

This list covers several different topics as they relate to dentistry, such as oral health, anesthetics, and cavities. However, it also mentions male testosterone, breathing habits, and cancer. You don’t want to miss what your dentist in Blaine is sharing today. (more…)

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